December, 2007

MSHS students act locally to save environment, by Colleen Peterson and Kaylee Place

As I look out the window, I see a picture-perfect scene—blue skies, white fluffy, cotton-ball clouds, flowers with an array of different colors, an abundance of trees of all sorts and deep blue water so clear that it reflects like a mirror—this is the atmosphere of Marquette. I realize how blessed I am to live in […]

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NMU food multiplier: ‘Think Globally and Act Locally’, by Jeff Thomas, Natasha Gill and Nicole Weber

As we look forward to feasting on turkey, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and other delicacies of the holiday season, it is important to remember just how fortunate we are. Although the world’s farmers and manufacturers produce more than enough food to feed every woman, man and child on earth, around 854 million people still suffer […]

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A computer has control of our house, by Dale Weingartner

Way back when I was a kid, I had our whole house wired for intercoms, door alerts and other fun gadgets. My dad always said if there were a tornado, our house wouldn’t blow away. Of course, I got this liking from my dad, who also tinkered with electronics when he was a kid. I […]

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Local shopping locations offer unique gifts, by Pam Christensen

Local shopping locations offer unique gifts Whether you like it or not, holiday shopping season is here. Shoppers fall into several categories: those who love to shop, those who hate to shop and those who are indifferent. No matter which category fits you, the shopping experience can make or break your holiday spirit. Shopping off […]

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U.P. libraries win awards, by Becky Korpi

Regulars of Peter White Public Library (PWPL) are proud of it for several reasons: it offers a diverse variety of book genres, hosts several community events, provides a relaxed, quiet atmosphere for concentrating on high priority projects and even houses a quaint coffee shop. But PWPL fans now have another reason to hold it in […]

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Health department kicks off ‘Healthier You’ Month, by George Sedlacek

Local health officials are encouraging Marquette County residents to take care of their health this busy holiday season. The Marquette County Health Department (MCHD) launched an awareness campaign that will highlight several core health issues of particular concern during the holidays and winter months, including physical inactivity and unhealthy eating, the spread of germs, substance […]

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Hope: The Universal Gift, by Leslie Bek

Each day I count my blessings. I think of others who are not as blessed, and ask that their needs may be met in some way. I think about the differences and what might be a reason I feel blessed while others may not. I have a gift called hope, and it is one I […]

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Having lunch with my dad, by Don Curto

Long before it was called Founders Landing, the area was known as the South Switching Yards, or just the South Yards. Here, trains for DSS&A were taken apart and put together. For some reason, the switch engine job was looked down upon by over-the-rail firemen and engineers. But in the ’30s, my dad, one of […]

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Wildlife way-of-life suits DNR officer, by Kristy Basolo

Tracking through the woods in the fall; boating on warm summer days. Riding a snowmobile in the winter, and an ATV in the spring. Seems like a dream job for the typical Yooper. But being a Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) conservation officer (CO) in the Upper Peninsula is no walk in the park. […]

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The pileated woodpecker: a living flame, by Don Kilpela

The steadily falling snow slants across the big aspen. It is an old tree, as aspens go, nearing the end of its life. High up its trunk, thirty feet from the ground, is a dark, egg-shaped hole. My camera, cold on its tripod, waits focused on that hole. I shuffle my snowshoes and sip hot […]

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Notes from the North Country, by Lon and Lynn Emerick

The small group of hikers sat on a sunny, rocky outcrop overlooking a small wilderness lake. There were no sounds except their own, the ripples of the lake and the call of a loon around a nearby point. Joining in a trip sponsored by a local organization, they had enjoyed the hike to the lake, […]

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Sulfide snafu: It’s not their land, by Cynthia Pryor

The biggest, seemingly little known, fact of the whole Kennecott Minerals debate about putting a metallic sulfide mine on the Yellow Dog Plains is that Kennecott doesn’t propose to use its own land for its mining operation. Proponents of the mine say, “It is their land—let them do what they want with it” attempting to […]

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Life in 1947 and the crummiest job in the U.S., by Larry Chabot

The seventh in Larry Chabot’s series about life in the U.P. The year 1947 found Michigan governor Kim Sigler in a grumpy mood as he simultaneously addressed and startled the members of the Economic Club of Detroit. He railed against the second-rate governor’s residence, which he called “a disgrace,” and delivered his low opinion of […]

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City Notes – December 2007

Highlights of what’s happening in and around town Mailbox Dear editor On October 10, the Mining Journal reported that the Marquette Board of Power and Light (BLP) had voted the night before not to reconstruct the hydro- electric dam at Marquette’s Tourist Park. Previous to that meeting, the Marquette City Commission voted to request that […]

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The Awakening, by Jon Magnuson

Canal Street is one of the jewels of Duluth’s commercial district. Located on the water’s edge of Lake Superior’s largest port city, perched on foundations of old industrial docks, it’s a glistening neighborhood of upscale art galleries, restaurants, gift shops and bookstores. On this brisk October morning, 500 technicians, government officials, environmentalists and researchers are […]

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