March, 2007

The taco saga continues, by Chris Wellens and Tawni Ferrarini

Have you ever sat around with a group of good friends and thought of great business ideas or thought Marquette would be complete if there was just one more type of business around to fit your needs and cravings? We did this as well, except rather than pushing these ideas to the back of our […]

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Rain gardens help environment, by Donna Peppin

Rain gardens have been gaining popularity throughout the Upper Peninsula, and for good reason. You don’t need a big yard, a lot of time or money to create a rain garden. These gardens help protect our valuable water resource and turn a dull yard into a beautiful landscape. Development is on the rise, creating more […]

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A decade of symphonic splendor, by Jamie Lafreniere

Marquette Symphony Orchestra celebrates its tenth anniversary When listening to the Marquette Symphony Orchestra, it is hard to believe they have been on the Kaufman stage for only ten years. But for players and board members, it is hard to believe it has been that long. The idea of a regional symphony orchestra started with […]

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Fooling the Censor, by Larry Chabot

Bryn Smith was holding a box of her dad’s memorabilia from World War II. She reached in and pulled out a letter. “Here’s a letter about a Bob Hope show; he even wrote down one of Hope’s comedy routines,” she said. “There are pictures of my dad with the stars of the show.” She handed […]

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Despite fire, youth arts haven moves forward, by 8-18 Media

Normally, a fire destroys everything in its path. But when a fire swept through a popular youth arts hangout in Marquette this winter, it only strengthened the resolve and passion of the patrons to keep the spirit of the place alive. 231 House of Muses, a music venue, art gallery and theater showcased local bands […]

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Healthy opportunity knocking in Marquette, by Leslie Bek

Opportunity is knocking. And it’s been said that opportunity only knocks once. In the case of an opportunity to meet and learn from local holistic health practitioners, the once-a-year knock is happening this month. If you are someone who seeks a greater role in managing your personal health or information that will help you obtain […]

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A Tale of Two Tacos, by Amee Loftis

This is the first in a series of “Think Globally, Act Locally” articles, which will explore the steps of taking a business idea with an international flair to the local marketplace. This story is about three NMU students who want to open a taco stand. The second piece will describe the next step of their entrepreneurial […]

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Negaunee takes lead in preserving mining heritage, by Kristy Basolo

In March, nine governmental units will receive the articles of incorporation for what will be the Iron Ore Heritage Recreational Authority. Once the authority is created, it will be the largest of its kind in the state. Three cities and six townships are involved with the project, including Negaunee, Ishpeming and Marquette; and Chocolay, Ely, […]

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Northern Options offers home builder training, by Sam Simonetta

Northern Options offers home builder training Northern Options Energy Center along with the Upper Peninsula Builders Association is offering a free Michigan Home Builder training workshop. Northern Options is a nonprofit organization committed to community education in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy. The workshop is open to any homebuilder or subcontractor—anyone in […]

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NMU calls on alumna for choreography, by James A. Panowski

Janel Cooke, a Marquette native and 2004 magna cum laude graduate of Northern Michigan University, has returned to her alma mater to choreograph Hello, Dolly! Cooke, who now lives in New York City, is no stranger to the Marquette theatrical scene. As an actress and a choreographer, her work has been seen at the Forest […]

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‘Snowflake’ returns to Marquette, by Sara Cambensy

It’s been almost seventeen years since Don Stenglein, Marquette’s one-and-only “Snowflake,” passed away. Many in the Marquette community remember him walking up and down the streets, smiling while being consumed completely by life’s simplest moments, and not the least concerned with possessions or what tomorrow might bring. Not everyone you meet in life has such […]

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Club indigo keeps on thriving, by Sierra Cheatham and Joe Kirkish

Years ago, people predicted an early demise for Calumet Theatre’s food and film program, Club Indigo. However, it caught on and is now alive and kicking with its fifteenth season beginning in March. Club Indigo’s whole new series of films and taste-tested group of chefs will not disappoint the growing audience of regulars who put […]

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Identifying invasive species key to elimination, by Renee Leow

The ground may be covered with ice and snow and the temperature still may be cold, but it is never too early to think about what plants may pop up in your yard. Invasive plants are species that have been introduced to an area where they do not occur naturally, they have no natural enemies, […]

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In the company of swans, by Jude Holloway

There is something powerful that happens in one’s soul while in the company of swans, especially in winter, when the landscape so imitates the swans themselves—the purest of whites with shades of soft rust smudging the gentle curves of the snow-covered landscape with its drifts, forming peaks like the edges of feathers. I’ve been in […]

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Local artist passionate about teaching, by Jamie Lafreniere

Artistic expression is something we all long for, and Carl Mayer has helped many people find their inner muse. Mayer has been teaching in the area since the 1950s, and continues his work with students of all ages. Many Marquette residents will recognize Mayer as an important teacher from the past, but his work also […]

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