January, 2007

MSMS president impressed with U.P. program, by Leslie Bek

He came to town with a specific message and left with a renewed vision and on a mission. The visitor was Alan M. Mindlin, M.D. a Pontiac ophthalmologist and the 140th president of the Michigan State Medical Society. The occasion was a holiday gathering of the Marquette Alger County Medical Society. Mindlin came to congratulate […]

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Mentor Michigan Census: Wave III, by Carole L. Touchinski

The Mentor Michigan Census is a periodic survey of organizations operating mentoring programs in the State of Michigan. The primary purpose of the Mentor Michigan Census is to understand the scope and nature of mentoring and mentoring organizations in Michigan. Specifically, there are three objectives: • Identify, count, describe and track mentoring organizations, programs, mentors and […]

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Opinions vary on paying kids for good grades, by 8-18 Media

Learning may be its own reward, but when report card time rolls around, some kids prefer cash. Others would at least like a special dinner or some other reward for their hard work. Family views on the age-old practice of incentives or rewards for As and Bs are as varied as the grades on some […]

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Senior citizens reflect on childhood in pre-digital age, by 8-18 Media

Bridging generations Have you ever had a day where nothing seemed to work? Maybe the cable was out on your color TV, or the Internet server was down. What if you tried to call home on your cell phone, and there was no service? For adults, these inconveniences bring back memories of the days before […]

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Happy New Year, I guess… by Don Curto

I don’t have any New Year resolutions. Resolutions for the New Year should be made in June, when the weather starts to get pleasant and one feels more eager about trying to be a better person. Who wants to try to change in January? January can be so bad that it takes a lot of […]

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The New American Dream, by Heather Hollands

“One Book One Community” sponsored an essay contest on the theme of the New American Dream. The categories were ages seventeen and younger (Grades 7 through 12); and ages eighteen and older. A panel of judges read the entries and selected two winning essays to be published. A public reading of winning essays will be […]

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Public Radio 90 gets new transmitter, by Gregg Beukema

As we ring in the New Year, I want to thank you for your continued investment in Public Radio 90. Thank you for helping us remain an institution that so many listeners trust and turn to for quality, inspiration, entertainment and reliable news and information. Thank you for your high expectations, and for your feedback […]

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Discovering a few of the Upper Peninsula’s living treasures, by Sara Cambensy

When I traveled to Japan to study ceramics during the summer of 2002, I had no idea that I was going to have the chance to meet several National Living Treasures. Given the language barrier, I was confused as to what a National Living Treasure was. Could their culture really assign such a title? Were […]

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Mentoring Matters, by Carrie Usher

“Treat others how you wish to be treated” is a common phrase many children hear from their parents while growing up. As a child, it can be difficult to listen to every word parents say. Many life lessons are learned at a young age; however, it may take time to fully appreciate them. But what […]

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The house that Stephen built, by Becky Kratz

Back Then Some people remember 1103 Pine Street for the wooden carvings that used to be in the yard during the summer. Others remember the house for the “U.S. is US” banner it boasted. And to many, it was simply “that nice white house on the corner with the big yard.” But to the Lowney […]

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A winter’s paddle, by Jude Holloway

In The Outdoors There’s probably a scientific explanation why rivers and lakes appear so much darker and consequently reflect and mirror things so much more in the winter—probably something as simple as just not having much light filtering in, like looking at a window at night from inside with a light on. Perfect reflections. Such […]

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St. Clair key in change for local teens, by Suzan Travis-Robyns

Locals The student was a painfully shy third-grader, but she raised her hand with conviction. She had studied hard and knew the spelling words. “The teacher told me to put my hand down,” Mary St. Clair remembers. “After all, I had failed all the spelling tests before.” Looking back, St. Clair sees that moment of […]

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City Notes – January 2007

Highlights of what’s happening in and around town Mailbox Dear editor The curators of the Oasis Gallery, a nonprofit contemporary art gallery that has been run on a cooperative basis for the past twenty years, would like to thank the community of Marquette. Our eleven volunteer curators donate their time year-round and put on an […]

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History on the Horizon, by Kristy Basolo

Feature, by Kristy Basolo City of Negaunee, residents and volunteers dig into rich mining heritage for tunnels to economic promise History on the Horizon It’s caused a stir among residents, is the topic of conversation in coffee shops all over the county, and has even attracted the attention of the Michigan Historical Society president. It’s […]

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