March, 2006

Together, we can save a life, by Leslie Bek

A slogan of the American Red Cross (ARC) is “Together, we can save a life.” That slogan was put into practice for all the world to see just six months ago, when our nation became familiar with a disaster named Hurricane Katrina. Six months ago, many people came to know the American Red Cross for […]

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Youth theater program continues despite budget challenges, by 8-18 Media

On with the show With a dramatic crescendo, the pit orchestra brings the musical to a close. The audience applauds as the cast takes a final bow. The performers’ smiles beam under the bright stage lights as their weeks of hard work pay off. This may sound like a Broadway play, but, in fact, it […]

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On the road with Public TV 13, by Sonya Chrisman

Last summer, I met a beautiful mother who was not defined by her hair or wardrobe, but by the number of clothes she could clean in a day by means of a washboard and a tub of lake water. I met a humble soldier determined to split enough firewood in one afternoon to last a […]

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How do we know what we eat? by Don Curto

Lately, I have taken to reading the ingredient labels on store products. I don’t do this as often as I should, and I bet that most of you reading this don’t note this important information often, either. I am mostly a brand shopper, and unless something piques me, I just grab the can or package […]

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Tax help available for seniors, by Mary Jane Tremethick

Many seniors in Marquette County are eligible for the Homestead Property Tax Credit and the Home Heating Credit. This credit is available regardless whether seniors need to file an income tax statement. Homestead Property Tax Credit The Homestead Property Tax Credit provides seniors with a refund on property taxes. This credit is available both to […]

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Academy challenges future leaders, by Lois Ellis and Pam Christensen

It was during a session of the Lake Superior Leadership Academy (LSLA) that Tom Tourville (LSLA Class of 2000) realized that the academy was more than a learning experience. He found that it was a challenge for participants to get involved in their community and make a difference. Elected to the Marquette City Commission in […]

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‘That voice’ returns to Public Radio 90, by Pat Ryan-O’Day

Hearing “that voice” on the other end of a telephone line is a very special sort of special. “That voice,” owned by Bob Edwards, served as a morning wake-up call for millions of listeners (more than thirteen million of them) as it emanated from radios all over the country every workday morning for almost twenty-five […]

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Fire and Ice back in town, by Larry Chabot

After its premiere full-house showing at Finn Grand Fest last year, the Winter War documentary—Fire and Ice—was edited to fifty-eight minutes and sold to PBS. Now it returns to the Upper Peninsula in several ways. Mid-March events will give viewers a chance to see it in its longer seventy-eight-minute version, and to get a copy […]

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Tradition comes full circle, by Christian Hansen

Local family has Super Bowl dream come true Here’s a tale that begins some years ago, in 1969, on Super Bowl Sunday, and ends twenty-seven years later, on Super Bowl Sunday, 2006. In 1969, I knew very little about football. My father would explain the sport to me as we watched college and professional games […]

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Energy, vision and spirit: Three ambitious women make their name for community history, by Suzan Travis-Robyns

In recognition of women’s history month, MM looks at three women who have done great things in Marquette County Evelyn Massaro Ask Evelyn Massaro if she’s had any personal difficulties and you’re likely to get a broad grin, a shake of her trademark tresses and a treasured saying from her parents. The truth is that […]

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City Notes – March 2006

Highlights of what’s happening in and around town Mailbox Dear editor Being from historic Marquette, have you noticed that no one really shops downtown anymore? Do you remember that charming street called Washington that is the heart of our city, leading down to the lake, upon which our city was founded? We are so proud […]

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In celebration St. Patrick’s Day, enjoy our feature, focused on all things Irish, sprinkled with Irish toasts and words of wisdom, by Jamie Lafreniere

The best of both worlds Ireland has its rolling hills and endless coastline. Upper Michigan has its forests, lakes and streams. It’s hard to judge which would be more beautiful. Norman Powers, born in Dublin, and Jennifer Binkley-Powers, a Marquette SeniorHigh School graduate, solved that problem by enjoying both. The couple met while Norman was […]

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